The Iconic Freak Of Nature Releases is out again 26th of November 2021

On November 26 2021 Migty Music will be re-releasing the entire catalog of Mike Tramp‘ band Freak Of Nature, and you can pre-order it here:
Freak Of Nature was Mike Tramp’s band-creation just after White Lion disbanded. The sound was arguably darker and harder than
what Tramp was known for from White Lion, but Freak Of Nature, completed by bassist Jerry Best, guitarists Kenny Korade
and Dennis Chick, and drummer Johnny Haro, released two studio albums and one demos and outtakes collection to much fan praise
and press attention, making hard rock history.
Now, years after being absent from the market, Mighty Music will re-release all three Freak Of Nature albums: “Freak Of Nature”
(1993), “Gathering Of Freaks” (1994), and “Outcasts” (1998) in several collectors editions, both on digipack CD and coloured vinyl
(”Outcast” CD only – NOT vinyl) with restored artwork and remastered.